We are a pioneer B2B2F fintech company and the largest digital lender for agriculture in Latin America

Agriculture as it needs to be

TerraMagna is established in Brazil with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the agricultural sector, our innovative suite of financial products include personal loans, CFB lending, embedded BNPL for agricultural inputs and crop-collateralized financing – all accessible through our web interface.

We do not only provide credit – we are transforming the future of agriculture, making all links of the agricultural value chain more resilient and establishing the proper incentives to make agriculture what the world needs it to be – its powerhouse of sustainable food security.

Brazilian agriculture is systematically underfunded

For basic working capital needs such as agricultural inputs, this manifests as 24B out of a 40B market financed through expensive, short-term, opaque supplier financing in the balance sheet of the input providers making the sale.

For improvements focused on increased yields and sustainability, this manifests as a gap of 100B USD that hinders further productivity, increased margins and more sustainable agricultural practices. 

Customer concentration by state

of credit granted in 2022

Served market

Input retailers
Financed farmers
Monitored farmers


Team of 84 people responsible for the entire origination process, credit analysis and construction of decision support systems.

Bernardo Fabiani

Founder & CEO

First-lieutenant of the Air Force’s engineering corps. +10 years of modeling and system development

Rodrigo Marques

Founder & CHRO

Electronic engineer specialized in control theory. Experience with discrete state- feedback control

David Telio


+30 years of experience in the agribusiness specialist in credit underwriting

Gustavo Schaper


+15 years in Finance and Operations

Fabrício Massula


+12 years of experience as an entrepreneur, 2nd time founder, working in the construction of tech companies

Antonio Matioli


+10 years of software engineering experience, working in agricultural remote sensing

Amanda Camasmie


+10 years of experience in Marketing

Marcelo Garcia


+10 years of experience in Operations and Digital Solutions in Tech and Agro companies

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